Million Dollar Question, Can you lose fat and Gain Muscle at same time?

by Nitikesh Pattanayak

Before starting your fitness journey, you must have pondered over a thought. If you are looking towards Losing fat and Gaining Muscle simultaneously making it the best of both worlds, you are in the right place. It might seem like a pipe dream and farfetched idea for now, however, it can be easily accomplished.

You need to be consistent with a structured Muscle Building Routine. Training heavy but with precision is what will do the trick for you. If you are on a calorie deficit diet planning to lose that stubborn fat, you must have the mental fortitude to never stray from the path to physical fitness. The journey will be arduous, but you need an ironclad resolve and continue your training to shed those few pounds and simultaneously build-muscle mass. The training all on its own won’t be sufficient. To catapult yourself ahead, you need to back up the training by consuming high-quality protein on a regular basis.

You need to monitor your diet thoroughly. You should follow a calorie deficient diet and never consume calories more than your maintenance level. Here, Reducing the calorie intake should be inversely proportional to protein consumption. If you are reducing the consumption of calories, you must make sure to increase the amount of protein you consume. The major part of your calorie’s consumption should come from complex carbohydrates while keeping your fat intake in check.

Here is a simple trick to improvise on your carbs: For the first few days, consume whole fruits and vegetables for carbohydrates. Follow it with grains like Brown rice, Quinoa, whole wheat pasta, millets and Oats. Alternating this procedure will melt that stubborn fat away sooner than later. Carbohydrates are the source of energy required for normal activities making it difficult at times. However, this is a statistically proven strategy.

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