Five Altcoins To Watch and Invest In

by Nitikesh Pattanayak

In the past few months, cryptocurrencies have been taking sporadic beatings, with several big-name cryptos plummeting to more than 50 per cent since April. Including Bitcoin, which lost nearly 50% of its value. Dogecoin shed 60% of its worth and Etherium, which has lost over 50% of its value.

The crypto crash was followed by months of negative press, including Tesla pulling out its support for bitcoin and China cracking down on cryptocurrency mining.

The crypto downturn reverberated across crypto markets, with many investors becoming concerned about their investments. Many novice investors became confused by the press surrounding the highly volatile nature of crypto. There is an air of doubt which is causing investors to panic sell-off a lot of their digital assets.

However, the recent crash, though intimidating, allows investors to get into the crypto markets. This is not the first time cryptocurrencies have crashed, including Bitcoin, which for several times has lost more than 80% of its value and still managed to recover. In 2018, for instance, Ethereum lost nearly 95% of its value and was able to recover and become the second most valuable cryptocurrency.

For investors looking to get into the market while prices are experiencing a downturn, you should consider investing in the following five altcoins.

BAT is an ethereum-based token that promises to power blockchain-based digital advertising platforms.

It has strong fundamentals, including tapping into the multi-billion digital advertising industry and providing solutions to future platforms that will run on blockchain technology. It was launched by the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, Brendan Eich, an indication that people behind the altcoin are well versed with technology, and the altcoin is built for the future.

The altcoin has also found use in Brave browse and has become the primary token that is used to reward users of the platform. Publishers and advertising agencies have also started using the platform, further highlighting its usability in the future.

Investors looking to invest in a token that has high future usability should consider investing in the TeraBlock token.

TeraBlock has strong fundamentals supporting it, including adopting machine learning into our platform, our latest partnerships with Binance Cloud, UniFarm and Sheesha Finance, and collaboration with other cryptocurrencies to create usability for the token adoption of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

TBC is the native token of our ecosystem and it will serve as a utility token on our exchange. There are also no fund management fees for automated portfolio management and index automation when users hold a percentage of their fund in TBC token.

Founded in 2017 by Stephen Tse, Harmony promises to facilitate the creation and usage of decentralized applications (DApps). They promise to scale Ethereum DApps without compromising their security and decentralization. This promise has resonated with developers across the crypto and blockchain space, further proving its viability and making it a sound investment for the future.

This altcoin is already used in the most significant blockchain virtual world, Decentraland. It has also seen one of the biggest spikes in recent months, further proof that MANA is a good investment in the future.

Stellar promises to unite the world’s various banking systems using a decentralized ledger that features on-off ramps for every payment method. Their main competitor, Ripple, is also facing SEC investigations, giving XLM an excellent opportunity to become the global de facto payment network.

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